Exposing Neil Young

Ezra exposes Neil Young’s ‘honour the treaties’ hypocrisy, and how the aging rockstar really feels about First Nations.

TODAY – EthicalOil.org launches NeilYoungLies.ca radio campaign to expose the truth to Canadians 

EthicalOil.org | Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TORONTO – Neil Young, the millionaire celebrity from California, just finished his Blame Canada concert tour. He’s been jetting around Canada, followed by five big diesel tour buses, bashing our oilsands.

Canadians are fed up and fighting back – fighting to defend our country, our ethical oil, our jobs, and the facts.NeilYoungLies.ca exposes Neil’s lies, shows who paid Neil to lie, tells the truth about Neil, and shows well-documented facts about interesting tid-bits, such as the dictatorships from which Neil Young’s home state of California gets its oil.Thousands of Canadians have visited NeilYoungLies.ca already, and more than 200 have used the website to send the US embassy a message saying that we don’t need foreign know-nothings interfering with Canadian political decisions and attacking Canadian jobs.
With the grassroots support we’ve received so far, we’ve launched some radio ads. You can listen to them on the homepage at NeilYoungLies.ca. Here’s the text of the two ads, airing on radio stations in Calgary, Edmonton, and Fort McMurray:

Ad #1 - Neil Young, a California celebrity, jetted up to Canada to attack the oilsands. He even compared Fort McMurray to Hiroshima! But why hasn’t he ever protested against oil from OPEC dictatorships — conflict oil that California imports? Simple: the lobby group that financed his concert tour paid him to attack Canada, not Saudi Arabia. Visit NeilYoungLies.ca to learn more. This message paid for by Ethical Oil.

Ad #2 - Neil Young, a millionaire celebrity from California, jetted up to Canada to attack the oilsands. He even compared Fort McMurray to Hiroshima! But California imports oil from Saudi Arabia, a dictatorship. And Neil Young’s 1,500-acre California estate is built on land taken from Indians without a treaty. Time to fight back against California hypocrites. Visit NeilYoungLies.ca to learn more. This message paid for by Ethical Oil.

Please help us fight back against foreign celebrities and their slander. Make a donation to help us keep these ads on the air. It’s time to expose Neil Young’s lies and defend Canada from foreign lobbyists seeking to undermine our interests and our values.

Please donate here.

For comment on this NeilYoungLies.ca project to expose the truth, please contact Amanda Achtman at amanda.achtman [at] gmail.com or 1.416.500.2582

Amanda Achtman introduces NeilYoungLies.ca to Expose the truth to Canadians

Rex Murphy on Neil Young

Rex Murphy says that rocker Neil Young has been “unfathomably irresponsible” in his criticism of Alberta’s oilsands. Young made headlines this week for his comments on the environmental impact of the oilsands.

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Ezra Levant on Neil Young

Neil Young, the ’60s-era folk singer and drug lifestyle icon, has come to Canada to lecture us about the oilsands.