The Truth About Neil Young

58th Berlinale Film Festival - CSNY Deja Vu Photocall and Press ConferenceNeil Young accuses Canadians of ‘trading integrity for money‘.

But his own life has been one of spectacular excess, materialism, and hedonism. From his 1,500-acre estate, to his two “other” homes, to his private-jet lifestyle, there’s no indulgence he hasn’t helped himself to. And why not — his estimated net worth is $65 million. He deserves to live large, doesn’t he? It’s us, the little people, who don’t.

“I’m not here to sell things. That’s what other people do, I’m creating them.”
- Neil Young, “Neil Young Comes Clean“, New York Times

Neil Young has a massive environmental footprint.

He owns a 1,500-acre California estate, plus homes in Florida and Hawaii.

Neil Young likes to collect junk

Old cars that Young keeps on his property for spare parts.

Old cars that Young keeps on his property for spare parts

Neil Young has a monstrous tour bus.
And, when he had his Canadian concerts, he had five such buses, all burning diesel, all idling while the concert was on.


Neil Young’s ‘Lincvolt’ claims to be environmentally sound.
Listen to Tim Moen, the filmmaker who Neil Young hired in Fort McMurray, explain that the ‘Lincvolt’ actually requires a chase vehicles of mechanics to fix it.  


Lincvolt Fire Warehouse

Neil Young’s company was sued for $500, 000 over LincVolt fire:

“Unigard Insurance Co. sued Young’s company, LincVolt LLC, over the November 2010 fire, which led to the insurance company having to pay the owner of the San Carlos, CA, building for fire damages, which totaled about $1 million, the newspaper reported. Young, who lives in the Bay Area, declined to respond to a request for comment.” - Source

Neil Young has his sprawling estate where an Indian tribe was killed off. California never signed any treaties with its Indians. They just pushed them away and took the land.


This is possibly the last survivor of the Tongva tribe. Why doesn’t Neil honour the Indians killed in his own backyard?

Neil Young has abused drugs and alcohol for more than forty years and is now lecturing others on integrity.

“He decided to do it sober after talking with his doctor about a brain that had endured many youthful pharmaceutical adventures, in addition to epilepsy and an aneurysm. For someone who smoked pot the way others smoke cigarettes, the change has not been without its challenges, as he explains in his book: ‘The straighter I am, the more alert I am, the less I know myself and the harder it is to recognize myself. I need a little grounding in something and I am looking for it everywhere.’”

- David Carr, “Neil Young Comes Clean“, New York Times

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